Monday, August 26, 2013

Whirlwind Weekend (Update)

Hi everyone!

Hitting you with a quick update on my life! Sorry this is short but I am on my way up to visit my boyfriend and I still have to throw some clothes in my favorite tote and go!

For the last week, I have getting my sister prepped to go back to school. I will refrain from an angry rant (#bigsisprobs), but I decided to help out my mom and take my sister shopping and help her pack during the daytime last week so we had less to do in the evenings when my mom was done with work. This worked out really well because I normally finished things up with my sister before either of my parents got home from work and we both had some time to relax before dinner and other back-to-school errands. When Friday hit, my sister was almost entirely packed and we just had to pull a few things together before loading up our vehicles. Once we finished packing up our cars, we spent a last night together watching movies and hanging out!

On Saturday we got up at 5am to drive down to campus. Waking up early was so worth it because we were one of five families moving in when we got there. First choice of the moving carts, no line for the elevator, any parking spot we wanted! Getting to campus early erased a lot of move in stress for all of us. With the help of our parents and myself, we had her unpacked and pretty much settled into her dorm in about 3 hours. Not too bad! After that we got lunch (we went to Friday's and I had the amazing Jack Daniel's Chicken Sandwich!), made a Target run, and did a few last minute things in her dorm room before heading back home. I fell asleep in the car before we even got onto the interstate! I woke up about an hour into the drive as my mom was stopping for a drink at McDonalds. I got a caramel Frappe as a little treat. After we got home, we all relaxed and I fell asleep super early.

Sunday was majorly low-key. I slept in and tried to do some tidying in my room. I did a lot of sorting of my cosmetics and perfumes - I'm planning on putting a bunch in glass apothecary jars so I remember what I have and actually use it! I needed to see what I have now so I can buy the right size and amount of jars.... I may or may not have discovered that I have purchased a couple of lipsticks in the same color and didn't use either one. Oops?

Well, that was my weekend! It was busy, productive, and relaxing all at once. It's weird to be home without my sister and without going back to school... we'll see when and if I ever get used to it!

xx, Amy

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