Thursday, March 20, 2014

First Day of Spring Inspiration


Today is the first day of spring, and it started off incredibly dreary and snowy. I was in a grumpy mood all morning until I left work and it was sunny and warm enough (47 degrees!!) to go without a coat. I was browsing the internet with an iced latte I purchased without feeling weird about (am I the only one who drinks iced drinks year round?) and came across the adorable pajamas from Aerie below!

First Day of Spring Inspiration

I think these PJs are so cute! They have it all - a color palette I am currently obsessed with, a flower detail, and some bright embroidery. They look perfect for lounging around with coffee on a Saturday morning! 
I have been obsessed with pajamas lately - it's becoming a serious addiction. I regularly have to stop myself from buying a new pair of PJ shorts! I'm looking for some cute new ones for spring at a price that won't break the bank. Where do you like to get your PJs? 
xx, Amy

Monday, March 3, 2014

Inspired By: Miss Congeniality

Happy Monday! 

Something I never seem to have is a new movie to watch. I end up watching the same movies over and over and over again.... and while I love them, sometimes I need something new! On a recent Target run, I picked up a copy of a classic: 

I couldn't go wrong with Miss Congeniality, especially when it was Miss Congeniality + Miss Congeniality 2 for $9.99! I've watched both in the past week and I forgot how funny they are. Plus, Sandra Bullock is gorgeous on top of all that funny. 

Sandy, does that dress come in my size?? Seriously, that dress would still be perfection today. #hot

Anyways, while I was watching, I got to thinking about what Gracie wore during the movies and how her wardrobe still looked good in 2014. Let's be real, Gracie would have preferred her donuts not to be screen printed on her t-shirt and we know she was always craving a Starbucks venti iced caramel macchiato (and a punch or two), but it's fun to envision what would be in her apartment if Gracie was your BFF in 2014. 

starbucks // NYC tank // stouffer's // ray-ban aviators // white shirt // boxing gloves

Essentials: a doughnut tee to curb those doughnut cravings, a knockout bandage dress and stillettos, a tangle of polished pearls, Moroccan oil + a hairbrush for appearances, Starbucks because obviously, boxing gloves and a NYC tank for seat sessions at the FBI headquarters, Stouffer's frozen meals because they're fast and delicious, and of course Ray-Ban aviators and a white shirt for when you mean business.

And with this, I wish you all a happy Monday. Only five days till Friday!

xx, Amy