Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hi everyone!

I hope everyone has had a great Thanksgiving! I know I did - finally did some major work in my room, a delicious meal cooked by my mom, and a relaxing evening getting into the Christmas spirit with Christmas Vacation (a Thanksgiving tradition!).

Here's what I'm thankful for this year: 

My family, boyfriend, and friends!

My relationship with my boyfriend - long distance is not easy but it will be worth it (when we are finally together together)!

Being able to move back home after graduation (despite how much I did not want to originally) and not have to pay rent or for a car/gas/insurance.

Having a job with a company I am passionate about and working with great people!

Getting a good amount of hours at said job because I am a hard worker, talented, and willing to help out the team by staying late/coming early.

Getting the opportunity to do some new projects at work and .... not at work? i.e., helping out my boyfriend's mom at antique shows.

The health of myself, my family, and friends. We're not perfect nor perfectly healthy, but we are all working to make ourselves better and healthier!

That I have a good relationship with my sister.

All of my readers and followers, here and on Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter.

All of the knowledge I have gained in the past year, both in school and out. Also, that I graduated from a wonderful university!

I'm at a good place right now. I'm really going to try to stay here instead of letting myself get down like I am prone to doing..... Thank goodness for the amazing support system I have in my family, boyfriend, friends, and coworkers!

What are you thankful for today? 

Happy Thanksgiving! 

xx, Amy

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide!

Hi everyone!

I apologize for my absence - yet again I have gotten busy and put many things on the back burner! Hopefully this post will make up for my absence....

As Thanksgiving approaches, so does the rush to start shopping. At my job, we've been prepping ourselves, the store, and our customers for the holidays since the middle of October - we know what the big sellers are and what customers come to the store to buy every winter season and always advise people to pick up goodies early while we have everything in stock! Makes life easier for you and for us! I've been thinking about gifts for so, so long and I am excited to introduce my first post in my Holiday Gift Guide series! I will be posting every Thursday from now until the end of the holiday season so be sure to stay tuned!

I will be focusing on different occasions and "people" in the coming weeks, but today I want to share something that I am personally loving and know would be a great gift for any woman: cold weather accessories.

holiday gift guide: cold weather accessories

I'm personally all about this combination gift for customers that come into my store. As a Chicagoan (and recent Madisonian), I can always say that a new hat, scarf, or set of gloves is a welcome and necessary addition to a wardrobe. What sets this set below apart from others is two things: first, the pattern (love!) and second, the functionality. The solid gray gloves up there? They have tech-friendly fingertips, so using your smart phone or tablet is a breeze. In an age where almost everyone has a smart phone or a tablet they're using while commuting or walking to class, these are a serious upgrade!

Another thing I love about this gift idea is that you can break up these pieces and wear them together or separately, indoors or out! The scarf is a perfect layering piece for college students and the fingerless gloves are also great for layering with a longsleeve and keeping your hands warm (and fingers free!) while using a computer, tablet, or writing. The neutral gray and white color palette I've featured here also goes with pretty much any color outerwear, so it works for just about anyone!

Check out J.Crew for tons of fabulous cold weather accessories (cashmere! leather! patterns!) in solids and patterns and in the perfect color for everyone, and stay tuned for next week's Holiday Gift Guide!

xx, Amy

Friday, November 8, 2013

Friday Favorite

Hi everyone!

Happy Friday! Just wanted to share with you guys a music video for a song I've really been loving - "Stay the Night" by Zedd featuring Hayley Williams. I have loved Hayley Williams for yeeeeears! I think she has the most amazing voice so it's a given that I would love this song too.

On top of loving the song itself, I am loving the music video. I love the effects and in particular the dancing! The dancers and the choreography convey so much emotion and make everything they do look so flawless and easy (which, as a dancer, I know is not!). Check it out below!

I could only imagine the kinds of bruises I would have if I even attempted to do some of those dance moves. I'll leave it to the professionals. Ouch.

Have a great rest of your day and an awesome weekend! I'm going to spend mine working.... and getting some content ready for the next few weeks!

xx, Amy