Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Summer of Sundresses

Hey everyone! 

Something I've been gravitating towards this summer more than ever is wearing dresses. Most summers I am totally content with shorts, but this summer I have been opting for dresses more and more... so often that sometimes I run out of dresses to wear! Recently I had a whole day free for some solo shopping and this is what I wore! 

jcp dress (now only $15!) // j.crew necklace (old, similar) // tory burch wrap bracelet (old, similar)

While shopping, I tried on this dress at Old Navy. Seriously obsessed! I brought an entire armful of dresses into the dressing room - this was the only one to get a solo shot but you can see a couple of my other favorites in the shot below! I didn't end up purchasing the dress that day (I wanted to wait for a promo code or sale) but last week it made its way into my shopping cart and is now en route to me! 

Excuse my weird feet.... I was debating waiting to buy this or not! #stressful
Like I said, I found a lot of favorites on that shopping trip. Between my in store trip and my search online, I've compiled a list of my current favorites - and they all happened to be blue! I tried on the patterned maxi and the solid tank dress in store; both dresses are absolutely fab. I loved the fit and styling of both! The others are ones I would have to try on when I find them in stores but I will have my eye on them until then.

Current Favorites: Old Navy Dresses

I can't wait to wear my new dresses and I will definitely be keeping an eye out for easy sundresses on the cheap now that summer is over! Plus, when it gets cooler out I can throw a denim jacket over it and some boots and cozy socks! 

Do you have any of these Old Navy dresses? What is your favorite summer dress? 

xx, Amy

*This is not a sponsored post (I wish, because I've bought oodles of stuff from Old Navy in the past six months), I just genuinely love these dresses! Any dress I have purchased or will purchase has been purchased with my hard-earned money. 

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