Thursday, October 31, 2013

What I'm Loving: Layered Jewels

Happy Sunday everyone!

I discovered this pairing of necklaces a couple of weeks ago at J.Crew and fell in love. The crystal and stone row necklace is beautiful on its own, but I never would have purchased the lace stone necklace on it's own! The pair look perfect together and I've had countless people ask where my one necklace is from - no one guesses it's two pieces!

Layered Jewels

This necklace combo looks amazing with green and great with burgundy, navy, pumpkin, black, or gray! It's an incredibly versatile color pairing and I can't wait to wear it with more outfits in the future. 

Here's how I wore it a couple of times last week - I love the necklaces layered or solo!

Use code SHOPNOW for 25% off your purchase of $150 or more at from now until 11/1/13 at 11:59 PM ET! 

xx, Amy

Monday, October 28, 2013

Searching for Prints (Project Room Redo)

Hi everyone!

I am still hard at work redecorating my room at home. It seems like every time I accomplish something, two more projects pop up in its place! I have found a new rug for my room (just waiting to finish cleaning everything so I can vaccuum and wash my floors before putting the rug down!) and have hung a few things up on the walls. I have found some inexpensive and beautiful frames for my room at HomeGoods but now I have the challenge of filling them!

I have an idea for what I want for a larger frame, but I'm puzzling over what to put in my smaller frames. I have pink walls and I'm trying to add some touches of yellow, mint, and gray through prints and other wall decor. I've been poring over Etsy and online shops of small business print owners in the hope of finding the perfect pieces! Here are some of my favorites that I'm considering... I also love the idea of using a card as a smaller art piece on a smaller budget!

I'm having a tough time deciding what I want! There are so many great options out there. Stay tuned to see what my final picks are. 

xx, Amy

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Kate Spade Friends & Family Sale Picks

Hi everyone!

October seems to be the month of the "friends and family" sale - what company hasn't had one lately!? I'm trying really hard to resist buying everything, especially because I am trying to build up my work wardrobe while saving my paychecks, but this Kate Spade sale is major!

Below are my picks - I am a sucker for anything black & white, striped, polka dotted, tortoise, or leopard (obviously!). I'm also in love with Kate Spade's cheeky twist on motifs like shoes, bows, and glasses - a lot of the time motifs like these seem childish but Kate Spade makes them appropriate for all ages! The "literary glasses" print is one I have fallen hard for, so much so that I still can't decide on what agenda I want! But the clock is ticking - the 30% off sale ends tonight at midnight (Pacific Time!)!

Kate Spade Friends & Family Sale Picks

Someone needs to take my wallet and hide it. 

Have a great Sunday! Start that holiday shopping early :)

xx, Amy

Friday, October 11, 2013

Current Beauty Favorites

Happy Friday everyone!

Since I've been traveling and working a lot lately, I've had the opportunity to really wear makeup and really see how it works for me. I rarely get super excited about a product and when I do, I have to share! These are some products I have been loving lately and what I think about them.
Current Beauty Favorites

Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss in Party Starter. I sampled this lipgloss at Sephora after seeing it on Gal Meets Glam. I think Julia is a) stunning and b) has great taste so I really wanted to check out this gloss. I'm kind of obsessed! It's a bright coral color but is still very sheer so it doesn't scream "coral lip product" - a must for me while I'm working! I have to stick with understated, natural makeup and this gives my lips a pop without major color or tons of reapplication. It is a little bit sticky but it isn't a big deal for me while I'm working. Plus, I love the minty scent (bonus!)! 

L'Oreal Magic Nude Liquid Powder Foundation. I picked this foundation up at the drugstore en route to my boyfriend's birthday celebrations simply because I was so unsatisfied with the foundation I was using at the time (both because of the color and the actual product). I had heard it was good from some YouTube videos I had watched so I decided to give it a try (it was only $11 and what did I have to lose?) and it turns out that I love it! It has buildable coverage so I can make it as sheer or as full-coverage as I want and I love the matte finish it has. My skin literally looks perfect and super smooth after I apply it! What really sold me on this foundation is that after wearing it for a few hours, I don't feel super slick - it seems to soak up oil and stay matte throughout the day! There is also very little color transfer with this product, so I'm not leaving traces of foundation on my collar or hands throughout the day. 

Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede Lipstick in Trendsetter. Along with understated makeup for work, I can't sport any other nail polish besides a neutral. No reds, no Lincoln Park After Dark, no glitter! So where can I experiment? Subtle lipsticks. I couldn't tell you what drew me to this lipstick in the drugstore but I do know what I love about it - the fact that it goes on like a balm and has the most perfect berry color for fall. I layered it with some plain lip balm for moisture and subtle shine (it's a matte longwearing lipstick, of course I'll need some moisture!) and everyone at work was complimenting me on the color! It's a little bit edgy for me but still works so I'm excited to wear this more as the fall goes on. 

L'Oreal Total Repair 5 Damage Erasing Balm. I saw this first on a YouTube video by beauty guru MeghanRosette and then heard about the product line from my sister (who has long, thick, crazy, curly hair). I got some trial sizes of the Total 5 shampoo and conditioner and was seriously impressed with how soft my hair was after using them! Since I have a lot of my current shampoo and conditioner left, I decided to hold off on buying all new bottles - but I did pick up this deep conditioner to supplement what I have now. My hair feels so silky soft! 

I posted a photo of the L'Oreal foundation on my Instagram a few weeks ago - I post a lot of quickie updates on my favorite products there so if you'd like more frequent updates like that, follow me

Hope you all have a great weekend! Let me know below what beauty products you are loving right now!

xx, Amy

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Fall Finds: Save or Splurge?

Hey everyone!

I'm kind of an Instagram addict. I may not post a hundred times a day (oops) but I check my feed religiously throughout the day - when I wake up, when I'm on my break, when I'm waiting for my boyfriend to text me back, and as I'm falling asleep. Last fall, Instagram became one of my biggest outfit inspiration sources! It's such a fun, easy way to post outfit pictures and see what other people are wearing. I think it's also part of the reason why some products that are instant sell outs are such limited edition cult objects. Enter: the J.Crew Excursion Vest in Herringbone.

This vest was all over Instagram/blogland last year and when the J.Crew Factory stores dropped the Factory version this year, well it's all over social media again (especially now that it's finally starting to cool off). The vests sold out in a matter of days!

Well, unfortunately not all of us have $98 (or more! in the case of this year's patterned vests) to spend on these vests so our closets had to go without. But! I was looking online at Lands' End and in their sale section they have down puffer vests in a wide range of colors (and sizes!) for $33! I was immediately drawn to the green color and I snapped it up, with a monogram, for way less than the J.Crew Factory version that recently came out! The Lands' End vest is available in regular, petite, tall, and plus sizes, not to mention a ton of colors. I also love Cinnamon Stick, a burnt orange, and Garnet, a deep wine red.

Save or Splurge?: Fall Finds

Find the Lands' End vest here, and if you've got ca$h burning a hole in your pocket, pick up the J.Crew Factory version here. I'll be honest, I own both Lands' End and J.Crew Factory vests, but only because I did a lot of stalking and waiting before I dropped the cash!

 J.Crew is also selling a navy and white striped version of the vest here. I like this year's version less than last year's because of the pockets - I prefer the slanted pockets! They seem much easier to use and I think they contribute to the overall streamlined look of the vest. But.... if the striped version ever hits the sale section, you can bet it will be mine. Let's see if they last that long though!

Pssssst! If you use the code GRAND and PIN 2055 at you'll get 30% off your purchase and free shipping if you spend over $50! Buy two vests to test out sizes and colors and whatever doesn't work can be brought back to a Sears or Lands' End store! Code expires 10/1/2013. 

xx, Amy