Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Perfect Bedding

Hi everyone! 

I'm sorry I've been so absent lately - like I explained last week, I just moved back home from college and am still in the middle of unpacking and getting organized. On top of that, I am also helping my sister get ready for her sophomore year of college and that involves me going shopping with her, helping her decide what to pack, and physically packing up her stuff..... otherwise it wouldn't get done and everything would be a mess! So that has slowed down my unpacking and organizing as well as slowed down any blog time I have. I haven't even been reading my favorites on a daily basis! After this week I hope to get back to a regular process (fingers crossed!).

Unpacking and organizing has really given me a drive to completely purge my belongings and redo my room. I've been ruthless these past few days going through my closet, boxes, and little trinkets and really trying to keep only the things that are important to me and things I love. Well, I definitely have the urge to redecorate! I'm just really tired of my room at home being a total mess and full of old junk. It's depressing and disorganized and doesn't really reflect me anymore. So what am I going to do? Redecorate on the cheap! Right now I am working with a room with pink walls and white furniture (what was I thinking). I have a throw pillow I bought ages ago that has two sides, one with pink and gray polka dots and another with yellow and pink flowers with mint leaves, and that is serving for my inspiration. I am looking for a solid but textured gray duvet, mint sheets, a geometric patterned gray and white rug, and a small accent piece of furniture (hopefully something thrifted and repainted!). Easy, right? Well not really - I have a twin sized bed (and my parents are not having the idea of me getting a new bed after 22 years) and most of the beautiful, "grown up" bedding I like is not available in twin sizes! Major buzzkill. I've been hunting all over the internet but I'm still kind of stuck. So...

What are your favorite stores/online shops for bedding?

Here's my bedding inspiration!

I am obsessed with the Solea bedding from Anthropologie!! This duvet is so pretty and I love that it is solid gray with a little bit of added texture. Unfortunately, it is sold out in twin BUT it is on sale for anyone who might like it and have a bigger bed! I am just picturing it with mint or light pink patterned sheets and my bed and my walls... It looks so beautiful in my head!

If you know of any good places to look for inexpensive bedding, let me know! I am planning on hitting up some Bed Bath & Beyond stores in the next few weeks to search for end of season sales too. 

xx, Amy

PS. Here's my bedroom inspiration pinboard! 

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Hill said...

I bought new bedding at the beginning of the summer! I found mine at Target, and was really surprised at the variety they offered at such reasonable prices. I also remember Macy's had some really lovely gray ones, so I would recommend checking there too!