Thursday, August 15, 2013

Bathroom Update + Lana

Hi everyone!

Hope your day has been going well! I am working on finishing up reorganizing my bathroom today - I did all of the sorting, tossing, and organizing yesterday and now I just need to put in the drawers I bought today. When I was going through everything, I realized just how much stuff I held onto because I had a "just because" and a "what if I might need this someday" mentality. Well, I pared all of that junk down (products I don't like, don't use, or are expired) to stuff I actually like and use and the few bottles of body wash or lotion that I have just a teeeensy bit left of that I should use up. I'm pretty proud of what I accomplished yesterday! Now I just have to finish up that organizing and then move on to all of my makeup.... oh boy.

Moving on.

While I was cleaning, I wanted to listen to music. I have music on my phone and the FratMusic app, but I wasn't in the mood for party/rage anthems or the same music I've been listening to for months. I remembered that FratMusic was powered by 8tracks playlists so I went and dowloaded that app... and I'm loving it! I am really loving random playlists right now so it's really working perfectly. I like that you can choose different categories of music that you are looking for, like genre, mood, or artist. I have been defaulting to the Great Gatsby soundtrack playlists lately (I really should download it.. oops) and of course I am obsessed with Lana Del Ray's "Young and Beautiful". I love Lana Del Ray - I think she has a beautiful, somewhat chilling voice, as well as physical beauty. I like the perception I have of her as well. I never hear about her on the news or anything (but then again I live under a rock) and she just seems very free spirited. One of my best friends is obsessed with her and was one of the people who really got me into Lana Del Ray so I always think of her when I listen to Lana! Anyways, I found the "real" music video for "Young and Beautiful" today and thought it was really nicely done. I love the scenes with the orchestra and the conductor... I feel like they really meshed well with the music, but maybe that's my inner band greek coming out. She's been hiding since about 8th grade so I'll let her have this moment...

Have a great rest of your day!

xx, Amy

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