Friday, May 31, 2013

The Search for The Perfect Black Maxidress: Old Navy

Hey everyone! Happy Friday! Today I am bringing you part one of my maxi-dress hunt featuring dresses from Old Navy.

So I was stupid and returned the maxi-dresses I bought from Old Navy without taking pictures of myself in them first (#bloggerfail). I'll attempt to review them here using stock photos from the website for you!

Before I start reviewing, I am approximately 5' 8" tall with a long torso. I normally wear a size 12 or size large and only sometimes need to buy long or tall items. I also have substantial blessings in the chest region, so that might impact fit a bit. Just wanted everyone to know this ahead of time since I can't include photos of myself in the dresses.

First up: the Women's Jersey-Tank Maxi Dress, size large regular

Review: I tried this dress on and immediately said, "This looks like a tent!" It was very wide and loose, cut with an A-line shape. The length was also extremely short (and disappointing) - it was nowhere near as long as the dress on the above model and instead showed about six inches of foot and ankle. I contemplated returning the large and re-ordering it in a medium tall instead, but was persuaded by my mom and sister not to.

Verdict: No. Too short and too wide. Good for shorter ladies who are looking for a dress to flow over the lower half of the body, might work out for slightly taller ladies. Would look great belted as well! Returned it.

Next up: the Women's Jersey-Drawstring Sleeveless Maxi, size large tall

Review: Alllllllmost passable. Almost! This dress fit really well (I loved the modest v-neck and thick straps, and the cinched waist was nice to add shape) but was just slightly too short. If I wanted my maxi to hit a little above my feet it would work. But for a 5' 8" woman looking for a floor length dress, a tall sized dress that is not long enough ended up being a pass for me. 

Verdict: No. Too short. Also, this dress is a bit more columnar in the bottom half as opposed to voluminous and floaty. Runs short, even in tall sizing. Take note!

Last dress: the Women's Tube Maxi Dress, size large regular. 

Review: I wanted to love this so, so much. It was a great dress that fit juuuust right through the body but the length was again just a tiny bit too short. This one I am contemplating reordering in a tall size - maybe when they go on promo and I find a coupon code. 

Verdict: No (for now). Potential reorder in a tall size. Note: the ombre colors run longer than the solids. I looked at the two, solids and ombres, in the store when I returned the dresses and the ombre in a large regular would have been the perfect length for me. Again, maybe if it drops to a nicer price and depending on how much I wear dresses this summer. 

Lucky for me, I did find a dress that could pass from Banana Republic Factory Store the other day for 50% off and I ordered one from J.Crew Factory as well for 50% off so we'll see how things work out! 

Have a great Friday and a great weekend!! Happy June! 

*Note: this is in no way a sponsored post, I am just hunting for dresses and they had a pretty good selection! This in no way clouds my opinion of Old Navy and I hope it doesn't affect yours - every store has a miss every now and then for everyone.

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