Friday, May 10, 2013

Happy Friday!

Keeping it short and sweet today (since it's already late in the day... oops). I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend - I know I will be busy studying for finals and working, but I also get to see my boyfriend tonight and all day tomorrow so I have no complaints about that! I'm going to squeeze a little bit of relaxation in tonight since I will have finished my THIRD and FINAL paper due in the past THREE DAYS. And then I have four finals to study for. Ugh. I do not wish this kind of torture on anyone.

Anyways... here's what's on my mind right now:

Shopping for a graduation gift? Check out my gift guide here - there are lots of unique gifts at varying price points so give it a look!

Old Navy Rockstar Jeans are $19 this weekend - use the code ONLADIES20 for 20% off on your order of women's clothing through 5/13!

I am also loving this shirtdress from Gap. It's currently $31 at my local store (I stopped in today to buy a little something for the boyfriend) and I'm torn between blue and orange (I can't allow myself to buy the pink because I will never wear it). 

Finally, enjoy this cover of one of my favorite songs. So beautiful and so different than the original! 

Alright, back to writing that paper! A delicious cup of coffee from a local coffeehouse (fair trade and organic! Fancy!) and lemon water in my Tervis are getting me through this. And knowing that I will have a break tonight once I finish :)

Enjoy your weekend everyone! 

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