Friday, May 17, 2013

Bittersweet Ending

I can't believe that it's here. Graduation. After four years, I will be leaving the place I have called home (well... give me a few more months until my lease is up and then I'll officially be leaving). Every day I think about all of the things I will miss, the things I wish I would have done, and the things I did. The places I went, the places I still want to go, and the places that no longer exist.

Two weeks ago I was convinced I would be getting a job that would allow me to stay in Madison for another few years. This week I found out that dream is not coming true for me (or at least not now). So, I have to cram everything I want to do while I'm still here into the next three months. The farmers' market on Saturday mornings, eating at all of the local spots, enjoying the beautiful sights, and taking in everything Madison has to offer. It is a hidden gem of a city and a great college town.

I will miss football Saturdays when everyone is in red, from the old alums to the most precious newborn.

I will miss the sounds of people going out on the weekends.

I will miss learning from all of the people around me.

I will miss being a short walk away from my favorite restaurants, bars, and friends.

I will miss getting to decorate a new room every year.

I will miss the spirit of camaraderie on campus.

I'll even miss all of the crazy protestors and people on soapboxes. They remind me to be alive and to stand up for what I believe in (but without shoving it down people's throats).

I might even miss logging into all of the university websites and wifi networks a million times a day.

Graduation honestly snuck up on me. I have been swamped this semester with classes, two jobs, a boyfriend, and blogging. I am not really where I wanted to "be" at graduation (hey again, jobless me) so going forward I have to make sure I do something so I can reach my goals and make my dreams come true. I am extremely sad to be finished with school and therefore leaving, but I am happy to have had the four years that I did here. I have to make the most of it... it is an ending, but also a beginning.

*I finish finals tomorrow (Saturday) at noon. I graduate on Sunday at 10am. Anders Holm, UW alum and Workaholics star, is speaking at our graduation ceremonies. If anything, I'm excited for that! 

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