Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Searching & Shopping: I Need Your Help!

I am searching for THE black maxidress. 

One that is long enough to hit the floor and not shrink after washing (even on cold and line drying). One that is opaque. One that fits a 5' 8", size 12 lady. One that doesn't require an elaborate undergarment to wear (I would prefer wearing a regular bra over strapless). One that is affordable

Really, I'm desperate. I've checked Old Navy, Gap, American Eagle, J.Crew, etc., and nothing. The closest I got to was one from Alloy, which has the potential to be embarrassingly see through.

Here are some of my online finds:

I am loving this blue striped version as well as the black!
(This is available in XS-XXL and in extended lengths!! Crazy!)

(This one seems great because of the ruching at the hips, which would hopefully disguise any.... imperfections, so to speak)

And finally, once I get my maxi, here are some of my favorite ways to potentially style it!

Any reccomendations? Any favorite tall girl shops? Help a sista out!


Jordon said...

I am maxi obsessed this season!! Try it is like an etsy for shopping boutiques and maybe one of the stores will have one??

Jamie Lauren Felicity said...

I love maxis!! Target is great for them.