Thursday, May 9, 2013

PSA: Old Navy Rockstar Jeans are $19!

I've heard really good things about these jeans, so I'm finally going to bite the bullet later today and order them (along with the compression leggings the lovely Jordan posted about today that are finally back in stock in black!). Since they're a blogger staple (or so I've heard) I thought I would share the money saving news! 

Basically this just means that I have to order a zillion pairs so I can get them at the $19 price and then return the 20 pairs that don't fit later. I already feel bad for the salesperson that has to deal with that order. I would mail it back, but I want to keep my $7 or whatever the fee is. Sorry..... 

Do you have any sizing tips for the Rockstar jeans? If you have a pair, what is your favorite color/wash?

Happy Thursday! 


Candice @ Just Stay Lovely said...

AHHHHHH what a good price .. I loved rock star jeans. They are pretty true to size.. Mine were a little tight at first but by the end of the day.. They were perfect :) -- I have the dark jean wash and now I'm thinking of ordering them in another wash!

Oh and I'm really short (5'2) and the "reg" are not so long on me!

Jordon said...

They are the best jeans ever! speaking of which, I could use a few more ;).. thanks for the shout out lady!