Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Follow Me! And Favorites of the Moment

Lots of things coming up and in the works! I need to sit down tonight and hammer some stuff out! I'm still in my lazy "finals/school/graduation are now over so I can relax to my heart's content" stage but I need to use this summer to get into a good schedule here on the blog.

ANYWAYS! While I'm working on getting things going over here, you can follow me on

Pinterest - click here! For pins about pretty much everything you could want: recipes, my current wishlist, summer fashion ideas, tons of home inspiration, and more. I pin A LOT.

Instagram - follow me at leopardspot (I have been having fun with the A Beautiful Mess app... whoops).

Polyvore - click here! For outfits and wardrobe inspiration (note: there's a LOT of J.Crew, #sorrynotsorry)

Bloglovin - click here!

Also, the Lilly Pulitzer 2014 agendas are now out!! Even though I just graduated and don't have a job (sooo I probably don't need an agenda for anything but blogging I guess), I love this year's prints! My favorite is the Jumbo Agenda in Tropical Pink Lulu, but I might end up getting the month-at-a-glance version instead. I still have some time to decide!

One of my favorite pins on Pinterest right now is this how to for styling a maxi dress. Since I am hunting for the perfect black maxidress right now, I pinned it to keep me motivated in my hunt! I get discouraged every time I try one on and it doesn't work - I have a review post/hunt update coming up soon! 

From thelifeoftheparty on Polyvore

Finally, I am just really enjoying the fact that it is SUMMER and I am free from classes and everything else and can just focus on enjoying the last few months of being at college. My boyfriend and I have a lot of fun things planned for the Saturdays we spend together and I've been getting more adventurous in the city on my own during the week. 

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Nini Kat said...

I wish I was taller so I could wear maxi dresses! They're very cute.