Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Great Maxi Dress Debate

Happy Thursday everyone!

I have been hunting and going on and on about "the perfect black maxidress" for ages now.  On Tuesday, I think I found one that might be meant to be.

The only thing is.... it's about an inch too long so I have to pick up the hem every time I walk. Perfect for wedges, not so perfect for flip flops and sandals.

So.... my question is:
How long should a maxidress be? 

This long? 


this long? 

Okay, how cute is this maxi!?! Kind of obsessed...
Help!! The length issue is the ONLY thing keeping me from finding "the" perfect dress... well that and having, you know, a limited wallet. I need your help and advice!

Have a great day!


Jordon said...

I mean this is kinda a duh comment, but it depends on the shoes. I always buy them where they hit and I can wear flats, not heels. I normally don't wear heels with my maxis, so the long ones make me trip!

Miss Southern Prep said...

If you're wearing them with flats, I would definitely get one that doesn't drag on the ground!

Irener said...

Great tie dye dress, would you mind telling me where you got it,

Irener said...
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