Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sorry I'm Not Sorry

Today I'm joining in on the "Sorry I'm Not Sorry" Linkup! Here are some of the things I will never apologize for....

Sorry I'm not sorry... For NOT having a wedding/marriage board on Pinterest. I can't do it. I set myself up for disappointment by completely creating a whole scenario for an event in my head and then it ends up being not what I imagined and thus, I end up disappointed. It's like New Year's Eve Syndrome, and I can't have that with my wedding! On top of it, I don't want to create a vision of what I want and then force my future husband to go along with everything. It's his day too, and he should have input on the ideas and decisions! Besides, do we think Pinterest is going anywhere? Maybe there will be a new and better Pinterest type site by the time I actually get engaged....

Sorry I'm not sorry... For having two Pinterest boards each dedicated to food, fashion inspiration, and up to date wish lists. I have a lot of recipes and a lot of lifestyle pins that appeal to me more than others for a current season. It helps my brain to have them all sorted out and in a separate spot. 

Sorry I'm not sorry... That I can't stand the Kardashians or pretty much any other reality TV show like Buckwild, Honey Boo Boo, or Dance Moms (exceptions are Jersey Shore, Snooki & JWoww, and Double Divas. See below). People talk about the Kardashians around me and I'm literally like "Nope, bye!" Again, I just can't.

Sorry I'm not sorry... That I have a fondness for the Jersey Shore Crew. While the concept of these late 20's, early 30's individuals getting paid to rage for a whole summer and be filmed while doing it is kind of ridiculous, their shenanigans are just so funny. And in the end, it was really heartwarming to see them overcome their differences, repair friendships, and be so close in the finale. Also tied into my above statement is that I like watching Double Divas, mostly because the women on the show are such characters and I'm a little bit fascinated with what they do every day. And I kind of like that it's a show about female entrepreneurs. 

Sorry I'm not sorry... For not washing my hair every day. Or every other day. Believe me, you can't tell if I have or if I haven't on any given day. I've developed a great system over the past... six years? I buy dry shampoo in bulk, have a crazy baseball hat collection, and it's amazing. I hate wrangling my long hair as it is, and I can't say I hate having extra time to sleep or relax because my hair is already done! Plus, it's good for my hair! Win-win if you ask me.  

Sorry I'm not sorry... for saying "sorry I'm not sorry" regularly since I first saw it on TFM. Also for saying "YOLO" regularly because it's my final semester of college and sometimes that is your only justification for doing something. 

There are probably looooots of other things I wouldn't apologize for on a regular basis, but eh, sorry I'm not sorry! Have a great Wednesday!


Sara Elizabeth said...

love all of these!! Thanks for linking up!

Joanna @ JayBirds Flight said...

Happy to have found your blog on the hop today :) I don't have a wedding board either, though I wish I would have back in the day when I got married!

Staci said...

LOVE double divas. HATE washing my hair. LOVE what you said about Pinterest wedding boards. I didn't start that until I was just seemed like bad luck!