Monday, February 25, 2013

Stressed Out Skin Savers

I will admit it - I am 21 years old and still break out like crazy sometimes. I hate it. I hate that I break out just as much now as I did when I was 16. I hate that everything I have tried so far has not been the miracle I have been hoping for. Mostly I hate that I don't have flawless skin with no effort needed like some of my friends. Seriously, when you look at my roommate's half of the bathroom in comparison to mine, the amount of products on my side is at least double what you see on hers. Man, do I feel high maintenance.

Strangely enough, I am breaking out horribly right now and it is not related to PMS. I have been relatively meticulous about my skin care for a while now and all of a sudden, boom! Breakouts. What do I do when I get really stressed out about my skin? A face mask. I have been using masks for several years, but only in the past six months or so have I found two that are pretty amazing. Bliss "No Zit Sherlock" Breakout Busting Rubberizing Mask and Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask to Open Pores. I have repurchased the Bliss mask at least twice now and I have received several samples of the Origins mask in my recent Sephora orders. A purchase of that mask might be in the near future...

Bliss No Zit Sherlock Breakout Busting Rubberizing Mask
I love this mask. The minty smell, the refreshing cooling sensation, and the best part - getting to peel off the mask at the end! This mask sucks oil out of my skin and peels off rough skin flakes, leaving me with super soft, refreshed skin. Whenever I am having a major breakout, I use this and I swear my breakouts shrink overnight, which is quite a feat because most of my breakouts are huge cystic acne nodules. I am convinced this mask is magic.

Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask to Clear Pores
 This mask I have received as a deluxe sample in two of my recent Sephora orders. This mask is a little bit tingly (but in a warm way) and also does a great job of smoothing out my skin. I have not tried this mask when my face is extremely oily (i.e., the summertime) but I am loving it for the winter months. This one takes a little bit longer to take off because this mask needs to be rinsed off when it dries. Not my favorite feature, but the rest of the experience is pleasant so I don't really mind! It basically forces me to have a relaxing night because I use it after a shower and once I take off this mask, it's moisturizer and time for bed.

Hope everyone has a good Monday! Take some time off today and de-stress your skin - save your sanity for later in the week.

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