Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday Five

Here are my five favorite things right now!

1) Homemade iced chai tea lattes! I picked up a carton of this mix earlier in the week and I've been addicted ever since.... I'm drinking one as I write this post!

2) Working out with friends! In an effort to keep me away from my computer (online shopping) I have been heading to the gym with a friend this week to workout and hang out. Next week we're adding in a yoga class for some variety! 

3) Okay so... I don't technically have this item yet. I came up with the idea to embroider my sorority's crest on a bunch of garments (puffy vests, windbreakers, hoodies, sweatshirts, etc) and I am obsessed with this windbreaker! Yes, I graduate in a couple of months but this is the perfect thing to wear with leggings and Hunters when it rains! Or to go to the gym! Or.... okay I'll stop! 

4) My new phone case, courtesy of my boyfriend! I have had J.Crew cases ever since I got my iPhone (leopard, black and white hearts, and now this one) and I LOVE them. This one is even better than the original cases because the hole in the case for headphones is wider, meaning I can plug my speaker jack into it without having to take the case off!

5) I am obSESSED with this website! I know I gave up shopping for Lent but somehow it is very easy for me to look and not buy on this site - I think because everything is so inexpensive, I think it's stupid to have to pay shipping and therefore don't want anything badly enough! They have awesome jewelry deals and feature a ton of pieces that are very similar to J.Crew pieces! 

Hope everyone has a great weekend! 

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