Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Back to College Finds: World Market

Hey everyone! 

Hope your week is going well - it's Wednesday so we're halfway to the weekend! 

Now that it's the end of July, that means back to school is officially upon a lot of people. Sadly for me, I won't be going back to school (but maybe a new apartment!? Stay tuned..... my parents need some convincing) but even for postgrads, now is a great time to pick up some fresh goodies for your place! I am going to be featuring some of my back to school finds from different stores over the next few weeks, so if you're interested in dorm/apartment/home decor, stay tuned! 

I recently stopped into a World Market by my house just for fun. When I think of World Market, I think of the paper lanterns I bought in bulk when I was younger and hung all over the ceiling in my room (probably not my finest interior decorating moment....). I haven't been in the store for years but I was surprised at how many great things I spotted while there! Beautiful furniture, versatile home goods, gotta-have-them-all picture frames, and tons of cute kitchenware. World Market is back on my big-girl home decor radar. Obsessed.

Here are my favorite finds from my trip and what I would have wanted to use when moving into my dorm, only four short years ago.... #nostalgia

found these in store (for a steal!) but didn't see them online - check your local store for similar items! 

this style is sold out online but might still be in stores // similar

merci latte bowl // check in stores for the others! 

Decor tips: 
-Use cute little bowls for jewelry or desk storage. Leave one by your bed so you can place your everyday jewels in the dish before hitting the hay! I also have a small bowl right by my door to hold my keys and sunglasses when I get home - I haven't misplaced my keys since I gave them a designated spot!
-Add some dimension to your dorm walls by putting pictures in a frame! These multi-frame units only require one nail or command hook on your wall.
-Use various boxes to hold hair ties/headbands, scarves, or desk supplies on a shelf. It keeps everything in one place and allows you to stack! I used a photo box every year to hold cards sent to me by my family and another box to hold desk supplies when I only had one tiny drawer in my desk.

What did you think of this post? What would you like to see in future Back To College Finds posts? 

xx, Amy

PS. I'm obsessed with those latte bowls... the "Oh La La" one is especially cute.

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Jordon said...

I love LOVE those frames! Too cute!