Friday, July 12, 2013

Current Favorites

Hey everyone!

Hope your week has been going well. It's been off and on hot and humid by me, which was great for the day I had my job interview because I stepped out of my building and my hair promptly frizzed up. Good thing I had curled my hair that day so it was less noticeable!

On that note, I think the interview(s) went well - at least I hope so! Fingers crossed.

Anyways, with all of my traveling so far this summer (I can't believe how little time I have spent at my apartment... it's just become a dumping ground for suitcases bags!), I have had a few consistent items that I always make sure to have in my bag when I'm leaving home.

Current Favorites - July 8

Lands' End Canvas striped tank top - Love the cut, the thickness of the fabric, and the colors of these! No layering needed so they're perfect for the heat of summer. I have the navy and the turquoise colors and some other ones might be making their way into my closet soon... 

Old Navy Diva cutoffs - I raved about these shorts earlier this week. Since then the price has gone slightly up (from $12 promo price to $15 promo price) but right now you get 20% off if you use the code ONSAVE20 or 30% off if you use your Old Navy/Gap/Banana Republic card and the code STUFFSAVE
Sperry Top-Sider Angelfish boat shoes - These were my first pair of Sperrys and I can finally say that they're completely broken in and probably the most comfortable shoes I own. I have been bringing them with me everywhere because they are comfortable for walking, driving, shopping, or hanging out outdoors. Might be time for another pair of Sperrys... 
Longchamp Le Pilage - Love this tote! I've had mine since freshman year and it works everywhere. It works so well for traveling because of its size. I use it as a carry on when I take the bus to and from home and it's my "purse" when I travel in the car so I can keep my essentials (sunglasses, wallet, laptop, water) handy. I'm thinking about adding a new tote in natural to my closet as well...
Ray-Ban Aviators - A classic and something I've taken really good care of. They go everywhere and match everything! 
Vaseline Spray 'n' Go lotion - Super lightweight and unbelieveably easy to use, this is perfect for summer! No excuses not to moisturize. 
Tervis Tumbler, 24 oz. - I have this with a lid and it's perfect for any drink (water, iced coffee, booze...)! It also fits in a standard cupholder which puts it above my CamelBak water bottle! It keeps everything cool and that's obviously a requirement for summertime. 
Coffee - I've been obsessing over diner coffee and this International Delight iced coffee. When I'm at my boyfriend's house, these are the major ways I've been getting caffeinated. 
Jennifer Aniston - She is so beautiful. So, so beautiful. I've been watching a lot of her movies lately and I just love her hair, her clothes, her incredible body - she's a major inspiration for me right now. (#girlcrush alert part II)
Hope everyone has a great weekend! Stay tuned for some exciting things to come next week! 
xx, Amy

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Hill said...

I've been wanting to try that iced coffee for forever, but it never makes it into my buggy. I think I'll have to give it a try now.