Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday Five

Here are my favorite things this week! It was a long one thanks to a midterm and a couple of papers so I'm glad I have today off! 

1) DOWNTON ABBEY. I have been watching an episode a day to relax and unwind. Normally when I watch TV shows on my computer, I end up either browsing the internet (hi Pinterest), checking Instagram constantly, or pausing the show constantly to do something else. Not with Downton - I am glued for the whole hour. I mostly started watching it because my design studies and theatre costume professors have raved about its historical accuracy. I can't say that the costumes or the settings are bad, but I'm stuck on the plot line (well, and the probably not intended as funny one liners in season 2). 

2) Applesauce. This is probably a weird one but I have just had the biggest craving for it lately. I bought a jar two days ago and it's already gone... Oops! It has been the perfect snack lately. 

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3) Tarte Gifted Amazonian Clay Smart Mascara. I reviewed this a few posts ago but I started a new tube last weekend and I have fallen in love again. I make sure to use this as a base mascara if I'm layering products and on its own for everyday. 

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4) Bose QuietComfort 15 Acoustic Noise Canceling Headphones. My dad got these for my sister and I for Christmas. All I can say is that these have been a godsend this past week. I have been holing myself up in my room to study and my roommates have been loud and noisy until late at night. I put these headphones on and even without music, I am in blissful solitude. Silence is golden. Seriously. 

5) NOT shopping! I'm proud of myself for not buying anything for myself during Lent. I have purchased a couple of gifts for my boyfriend, but other than grocery shopping, nothing for myself! 

Have a great weekend! Enjoy your St. Patrick's Day :)

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Sara Elizabeth said...

I've been deciding between those exact Bose or Beats by Dre. Do you know anything about how they compare?