Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Fall Finds: Save or Splurge?

Hey everyone!

I'm kind of an Instagram addict. I may not post a hundred times a day (oops) but I check my feed religiously throughout the day - when I wake up, when I'm on my break, when I'm waiting for my boyfriend to text me back, and as I'm falling asleep. Last fall, Instagram became one of my biggest outfit inspiration sources! It's such a fun, easy way to post outfit pictures and see what other people are wearing. I think it's also part of the reason why some products that are instant sell outs are such limited edition cult objects. Enter: the J.Crew Excursion Vest in Herringbone.

This vest was all over Instagram/blogland last year and when the J.Crew Factory stores dropped the Factory version this year, well it's all over social media again (especially now that it's finally starting to cool off). The vests sold out in a matter of days!

Well, unfortunately not all of us have $98 (or more! in the case of this year's patterned vests) to spend on these vests so our closets had to go without. But! I was looking online at Lands' End and in their sale section they have down puffer vests in a wide range of colors (and sizes!) for $33! I was immediately drawn to the green color and I snapped it up, with a monogram, for way less than the J.Crew Factory version that recently came out! The Lands' End vest is available in regular, petite, tall, and plus sizes, not to mention a ton of colors. I also love Cinnamon Stick, a burnt orange, and Garnet, a deep wine red.

Save or Splurge?: Fall Finds

Find the Lands' End vest here, and if you've got ca$h burning a hole in your pocket, pick up the J.Crew Factory version here. I'll be honest, I own both Lands' End and J.Crew Factory vests, but only because I did a lot of stalking and waiting before I dropped the cash!

 J.Crew is also selling a navy and white striped version of the vest here. I like this year's version less than last year's because of the pockets - I prefer the slanted pockets! They seem much easier to use and I think they contribute to the overall streamlined look of the vest. But.... if the striped version ever hits the sale section, you can bet it will be mine. Let's see if they last that long though!

Pssssst! If you use the code GRAND and PIN 2055 at landsend.com you'll get 30% off your purchase and free shipping if you spend over $50! Buy two vests to test out sizes and colors and whatever doesn't work can be brought back to a Sears or Lands' End store! Code expires 10/1/2013. 

xx, Amy

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Megan said...

Now that you have both, which do you prefer? Is it worth the splurge?