Sunday, October 20, 2013

Kate Spade Friends & Family Sale Picks

Hi everyone!

October seems to be the month of the "friends and family" sale - what company hasn't had one lately!? I'm trying really hard to resist buying everything, especially because I am trying to build up my work wardrobe while saving my paychecks, but this Kate Spade sale is major!

Below are my picks - I am a sucker for anything black & white, striped, polka dotted, tortoise, or leopard (obviously!). I'm also in love with Kate Spade's cheeky twist on motifs like shoes, bows, and glasses - a lot of the time motifs like these seem childish but Kate Spade makes them appropriate for all ages! The "literary glasses" print is one I have fallen hard for, so much so that I still can't decide on what agenda I want! But the clock is ticking - the 30% off sale ends tonight at midnight (Pacific Time!)!

Kate Spade Friends & Family Sale Picks

Someone needs to take my wallet and hide it. 

Have a great Sunday! Start that holiday shopping early :)

xx, Amy

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Brittany said...

I love your picks! They're so cute, but still sophisticated!