Monday, October 28, 2013

Searching for Prints (Project Room Redo)

Hi everyone!

I am still hard at work redecorating my room at home. It seems like every time I accomplish something, two more projects pop up in its place! I have found a new rug for my room (just waiting to finish cleaning everything so I can vaccuum and wash my floors before putting the rug down!) and have hung a few things up on the walls. I have found some inexpensive and beautiful frames for my room at HomeGoods but now I have the challenge of filling them!

I have an idea for what I want for a larger frame, but I'm puzzling over what to put in my smaller frames. I have pink walls and I'm trying to add some touches of yellow, mint, and gray through prints and other wall decor. I've been poring over Etsy and online shops of small business print owners in the hope of finding the perfect pieces! Here are some of my favorites that I'm considering... I also love the idea of using a card as a smaller art piece on a smaller budget!

I'm having a tough time deciding what I want! There are so many great options out there. Stay tuned to see what my final picks are. 

xx, Amy

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Jordon said...

I love the theme you are going with here! I wish our house had a girly room that I could decorate!!