Monday, June 24, 2013

Where Have I Been? (#farmlife)

 Hey everyone! 

I am finally back (for now) and have full access to regular, consistent internet! Yaaaay! I've been working on some new posts, some changes in my life to make blogging better and easier, and I can't wait to get things rolling. But first, a little recap of what's been going on in my life and why I've been absent from the blogworld for a little while.

Since I've graduated, life has calmed down quite a bit. Everyone's hours got cut back at the store I work at, so my shifts have been far and few in between (ugh, my wallet is crying). Since I've had a lot of spare time, I've ended up "traveling" a lot and by "traveling", I mean I've been going home to my parents' house and also up north to stay with my boyfriend. So, that's where I've been - with my boyfriend at his little house, without internet and even 3G on most days! I spent a lot of time the past two weeks at Walmart or watching movies and Seinfeld. I mean, I love relaxing with a good flick, but I could have seriously gone for some Netflix! So many classic films to catch up on, so little time....

While I was there, I did a few things. Most days I stayed at the house while the boyfriend went to work, but I also spent a couple of days at his family's farm and with them at a cow show. Yep, a cow show! Everyone who met me was like, "wait, you're from Chicago? I never would have guessed! You seem so relaxed here!" Maybe it had something to do with my cowboy boots... or that I wasn't fazed when cows were pooping two feet away from me.

Also while I was there, I hit up Walmart and found a new obsession. I originally went to pick up groceries to make dinner (which, the next time I make said dinner, I need to remember to photograph it to post it! I kicked myself halfway through the cooking process) and ended up buying those, iced coffee singles, two maxiskirts, a red velvet chapstick, and an insulated mason jar. Oops. I also did a lot of driving on back roads on nice days, checking out the scenery! Seriously. Gorgeous. If I had taken pictures that weren't through a windshield and totally janky, I'd share them. Next time I'm there, promise! I was also extra handy around the house and did a ton of laundry, cleaned, organized, set up and decorated some bookcases so it didn't look like my boyfriend was a squatter. I'm afraid of what it will look like next time I'm there... boyfriend needs a hamper and a garbage can! He came home and was so surprised and thankful that I made it look like "someone lives here", his face just lit up! He said he had been meaning to get around to setting things up but between working and coming to see me he just didn't know what to do with everything and it was a huge help that I put things together. Not something I had to do, but it was nice and greatly appreciated.

The Chapstick I bought and my Tervis (major fave) full of delicious vanilla iced coffee!

One Saturday I spent the day in the barn with my boyfriend. I came in handy (I think) - I went and picked up breakfast for the boyf, helped move some cows, locked up some pens... someone should get me on the payroll, stat! (kidding....) While the boyfriend and I were making the rounds at the farm, we came across a little surprise - a newborn calf! The little girl was so precious and we discovered her an hour or so after she was born. I had the all important job of watching over her while my boyfriend went to get immunizations and whatnot for her and I snapped a couple of pictures...

What's up, baby girl! 
Girlfriend's first attempt at standing!
Some guy feeding baby girl a bottle of fresh milk!

I got to bottle feed baby girl as well! Unfortunately there's no photo documentation (maybe next time...) because the boyfriend was keeping an eye on me to make sure everything went smoothly for this first timer. After baby girl got fed, we took her over to play with all of the other babies on the farm.

That guy again, carrying baby girl to her new home
Since I didn't have any food, I tried to make it up to all the babies by giving 'em all some love and petting.
An old pro investigating the newcomer.... and then clamoring for food! Moooooo!

I also spent a lot of time in the main barn, making friends with some of the older ladies. My boyfriend introduced me to his favorites and, after hemming and hawing with the girls (I might have had to reassure them that they would still be his main gals and not to worry about me... I mean really, who does he spend six of the seven days of the week with? Those ladies! C'mon now...) some of them cozied up to me. I'm glad I wore a old shirt because I'm pretty sure I was thoroughly licked, sniffed, and butted pretty much everywhere on my upper half. Guess it was successful, eh? Anyways, at one point in time my boyfriend found me in the back part of the barn surrounded by cows so I guess they accepted me as one of their own (or at least one of my boyfriend's "ladies"! Ha ha ha). 

One of my favorites (who would not stand still for a good picture! Gah!) who was trying to lick me.

Another girl "standing" on a small partition of cement. Every time I was at the farm I saw her surveying her domain. Guess she thinks she's the queen of the barn or something? Girlfriend better get ready to mooooove over!
So, moral of the story is that as much as I love getting dressed up and wearing nice clothes, I also like wearing jeans and boots and an old tee and a baseball hat to go hang out with some cows (#casual). One of my absolute favorite places is my boyfriend's parents' house and their hobby farm - standing in the middle of a pasture surrounded by cows, smelling grass and feeling a nice breeze, it's a feeling that can't be beat! Photos of said pasture and cows coming soon... I think I've recapped most of my trip and definitely overloaded you with pictures, so I'll wrap it up for now! 

What do you think of the larger photo size? Let me know and have a great Monday!

xx, Amy

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