Thursday, June 13, 2013


If you follow me on Instagram (which you should! My username is leopardspot), you've probably seen a couple of recent pictures tagged #walmartfinds. Why? Because I've been at Walmart almost every day this week, which is probably more than I have ever been in my life, and I have found some pretty awesome things. First, a chevron insulated tumbler. Second, those insulated mason jars that everyone seems to have or is looking for right now. Third, red velvet Chapstick. And finally, a maxi skirt that fits and is long enough - not to mention the perfect price!

I actually found two perfect maxi skirts at Walmart, both by the brand Faded Glory. Unfortunately, the skirt I really loved was sold out in my size so I tried another maxi skirt on and really, really liked it. For $12.94, I really couldn't go wrong, so I bought it in black and in coral! I'm still going to hunt for the other skirt (which was a buttery soft knit, perfectly drapey, super comfortable, and also featuring a smooth wide elastic waistband) but if I don't find it, I will still be happy with what I've got!

I also found a pretty fab maxidress there too, also by Faded Glory. It's $15.44 (um, hello, another perfect price point!) but if you're looking to buy, consider sizing down at least one or maybe two sizes down. I tried on a large and I was swimming in it! I could have gone for a medium at least.

I wish I could add pictures to this post, but I will update it later with some - I planned on copying the stock photos from the Walmart site but alas, they don't allow it. Anyways, next time you stop by Walmart be sure to check out their clothing (and housewares - the Better Homes and Gardens line is fab!)! There are some gems hidden amongst the Duck Dynasty gear and bulk food.

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