Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Latest Lust: Leather Handbag Love

Hi everyone!

Since I've been back in my apartment and had full access to the internet (!!!! I'm still geekin out about it, internet, I love you!), I've been catching up on the latest goods from my favorite online retailers. While I've been looking around, one item has been particularly catching my eye: a structured leather tote. Some of my favorite Instagrammers and bloggers have been featuring some new arm candy lately and I've caught the bug.

I love carrying a tote to work or shopping - I can fit everything (and then some) into it! An umbrella, a Tervis, my large wallet, a cosmetic bag, a snack, my sunglasses, even a couple of small purchases... and if I know I'm going to be doing some heavy duty shopping I can throw in my reusable shopping bags and be set! I've been rocking a bilberry Longchamp for the past four years and I'm kiiiiiiind of ready for a different alternative. Here's the beauties that have caught my eye: Leather Handbag Love

Leather Handbag Love by leopard-spot featuring 100 leather handbags

one // two
three // four // five
six // seven

I really like all of these.... in a perfect world I wouldn't have to choose just one! I have a slight obsession with Tory Burch products (we're in the same sorority!) and I have been pining over a Tory bag for years now - maybe sometime soon my dream of owning a Tory Burch bag will come true!

GFC Lovin

Happy Wednesday! Halfway to the weekend :)

xx, Amy


Megan said...

Purses #1 and #3, come to mama!

Stopping by from the blog hop! New follower! :D

Taylor Hart said...

Hey there hun! Joining you on the blog hop! Following now.