Monday, June 10, 2013

This Week...

So I've been a reeeeeally terrible blogger lately. I've been promising and promising myself to get posts set up in advance, blah blah, but things just get in the way and I remember on Sunday night as I'm falling asleep. #worstbloggerever

Anyways, I am heading up to my boyfriend's house to stay there for the week. He's had ants in his pants for me to come visit ever since I finished school and my work schedule has been pretty much non existant. I'm excited to be spending the week with him (usually we only get to see each other on Friday nights and Saturdays) but the only snag in the plans is that he doesn't have internet at his house. He's lived there for over a month. I don't know how he does it! To be fair, he (and his roommates) all work 6 days a week from 5 am till 5 pm so getting internet set up isn't the easiest task. So I'm going to work on drafting up posts and new pages, uploading and editing pictures, and playing with my graduation present so when I get access to internet (hello, visits to places with free wifi) I will not have any excuses not to post! If I do not get to post/comment/respond to emails, well it's because of the whole lack of internet thing and I couldn't get anywhere to find wifi. I will have Bloglovin on my phone, so I will be able to stay updated on reading posts!

A quick recap of my weekend:

  • I returned to Madison on Friday evening, quickly repacked for a little weekend trip, and got picked up by the boyfriend. We had a romantic evening of shopping at Walmart (someone needed to pick up a lot of necessities.... boys.), my first trip to Denny's (hash browns, crispy bacon, and toast for the win), and falling asleep while watching Seinfeld. How old are we? 
  • Saturday my boyfriend and I moved some of his furniture to his new house and we moved a cow to his parents' house (they live on a small hobby farm). I spent the afternoon petting cows, playing with their dog, and hanging out with his family. 
  • Sunday we left his parents' house, I dropped him off at work, and I headed home to work and regroup for the week ahead! 
Moral of the story is I'm getting far less afraid of cow poop and being licked by cows and I just want to hug the babies! The calf I named is absolutely precious and I just want to pet her all the time. I didn't get a good picture but you can take my word for it. She's a gem. 

Hope everyone's Monday is going well! I'm off to hit the road.

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mQs said...

I understand the whole being a bad blogger thing. Since I've finished school I have not been blogging regularly either! Have fun with your boyfriend!