Friday, June 7, 2013

Cleaning: Almost Complete!

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you are all as excited for the weekend as I am.

It has been a looooong couple of days for me, with cleaning and hanging out with my family and trying to do everything in between. I had high hopes to have my entire room spotlessly clean by the time I returned to Wisconsin for the weekend, but I got a bit sidetracked (hello, two hour trip to Hobby Lobby #oops) and ended up not quite getting everything done. To be fair, my room looks a lot better than it did when I returned home on Sunday - there is hardly anything on the floor, my closet and bookcase are each holding about a quarter of their potential capacity, and I have done some serious unloading of all of my stuff (which means there is a lot to be sold and donated..... I just have to take pictures now or take it to a consignment place! Yikes). I feel so much lighter! Not to mention, extremely proud of myself for getting all of it done. Most of the time when I clean I lose my motivation when I give myself an impossible deadline and to do list, get depressed about my place in life or my body when looking at mementos of the past, or hit some major regrets with things I should not have bought because it's all hanging in my closet with the tags on. What  did I do differently? This time I gave myself a deadline and created reasonable to do lists for each day, had my sister come hang out with me to help me make decisions and keep me motivated, hit up Dunkin Donuts every day for a $1 iced coffee to keep me going, and I made ruthless decisions about what to keep and what to toss. My mindset was completely different when I went into this, and the results were amazing!

Since I have been so very focused on cleaning and making my living space beautiful, anything home decor-related has been on my radar. While I was cleaning, I found several sets of bedding that used to be mine (sidenote: I am 22 years old and still sleep on a twin bed while I'm home. Efforts to persuade my parents to buy me a full size bed have been futile.) and my winter bedding could stand for an update. My room is pink, black, and white so I have been looking for some affordable, girly, and vintage-inspired bedding to complement that. Luckily for me, Lauren Conrad just came out with a bedding line at Kohl's as part of her LC Lauren Conrad line and I think I have found my new bedding! It is a light gray ruffled duvet (so I can use one of my existing comforters), very similar to ones seen at Anthropologie, but with a far better price tag! Plus Kohl's frequently has sales and sends out coupons, so if I keep my eye on it and let my mom know, we can probably snag it for a deal! Check out the set here - it also comes in pink and other bedding options!

Secondly, I've been trying to think of how to re-work my closet when and if I return home at the end of summer. I have an Elfa closet system from The Container Store (which is absolutely fabulous and if you have a store nearby and are in the position to install one, DO IT!) and I've had the same system since high school at least and my wardrobe needs have changed a lot in the past few years. Depending on where I am at when I am home, I might need to make some changes. This is probably the closest to what my closet looks like in terms of closet elements: 

Source: The Container Store
But I am loving how this closet looks - matching slim velvet hangers, beautiful shoe storage, matching bins and baskets! 
Next up, if I'm going to be blogging I want to make sure that my desk is a good spot for working. Right now, it's serving as a desk/night table and it's just accumulating a lot of clutter. I want to reduce everything on top of it and inside it to the absolute minimum, the bare necessities: a lamp, a couple of cute notepads, one pencil cup, a laptop, and a bit of inspiration. Ideally, I would have a beautiful pinboard of inspiration above my desk as well! 

Source. Okay, I just love the look of this but there's too much on top for me!
Source. Gorgeous pinboard! And desktop! Plus that glass box is divine. 
Finally, I have two sets of bookshelves in my room. Both are white but one is very tall with six shelves and the other is much shorter with three. I've cleaned both out and re-filled and styled the tall bookshelves  but the fate of the shorter bookcase remains to be seen!

I used this image as inspiration to style my bookshelves. I love adding different colors, textures, and layers to my shelves so I like to add in lots of "extras" and switch up the orientations of objects.

Source. I added a lot of framed pictures to my bookcase this time! Loved the look. 
For the three shelf bookcase, I have been debating adding the shelves to my closet or using them as another bookshelf. Right now I am loving the idea of putting my most beautiful shoes onto the shelves and using it as a display case-storage unit combination! I have a lot of beautiful heels so I wouldn't mind getting to look at the eye candy.

Source. Love, even if I don't add doors! 
Phew, so there's a lot of potential but I am very happy with what I got done this week! Also, I didn't spend the whole week cleaning out my room and closet - I also spent time in my family's basement and cleaning all of my stuff down there which is a whole 'nother ball game! And yet there is still more to be done... this is what happens when you a) procrastinate and b) wear the same size shoe since 5th grade and the same size clothes since the 11th. Yikes.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! I will be spending my weekend out driving with my boyfriend and potentially helping him pick out a puppy!! (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm SO excited!!!! Even if the puppy won't be mine!!!! So many excited exclamation points!!) I promise to take lots of pictures and to do an actual weekend recap on Monday.

xx, Amy

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ahh that bedding makes me swoon!

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I'm loving all these decor and organization photos!

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