Monday, April 29, 2013

Cue the Next Three Weeks of Crazy

I wish I had it in me to say "Happy Monday" to everyone, but I'm literally living for the weekend this week (more so than usual). Why? Well, I have a huge presentation tomorrow and a paper due Thursday (that I need to rock) and, completely out of the blue, an on-site job interview this week. A day and a half complete with a major project and a kind of casual corporate environment (seriously, what do I wear!?) so the whole thing, while very exciting, has thrown me for a loop. And, once this week is done, I have three final papers due the Wednesday/Thursday/Friday after that and finals quickly approaching once I've jumped that hurdle. May 19th is a looooong ways away.

So for today, I don't have anything major to post besides that fun little announcement that I'm probably going to be laying low this week. I do have an awesome grad gift post that I am hoping to post in the next couple of days (just need a little bit of free time to tweak it and publish it!). One of these days I will get it together and just sit down and write my posts in advance but for now... I will save all of my cute baby cow pictures from this weekend for another day when I need a pick me up!

Positive thoughts would be welcome this week :)


CoastWithMe said...

Aww girl! Best of luck on all the papers, presentations, finals, job interview, etc! I'm sure you're going to kick ass and do great:)!

mQs said...

It's that time of the semester. Everyone is so busy. Good luck with everything!