Thursday, April 4, 2013

I Need Your Help!

Hey everyone!

After Spring Break, it's become really real that a) my birthday is in less than two weeks, b) graduation is in approximately 45 or so days (there was some Twitter countdown the other day but I forgot what it was so this is just a rough estimate.... oops), and c) after that? SUMMER. Which means shorts. Every. Day. I am not pleased with my eating, health, and workout habits lately so I'm comitting big time to change. Here's where you guys come in:

Where is your favorite, well priced workout gear from? Old Navy? Target? What are your favorite pieces (brand, style name, etc)? I'm specfically looking for good workout leggings - I don't like the ones I have anymore.

Do you have any favorite healthy foods? 

What are your favorite workout moves or workouts? If you found your fave on Pinterest, send me the link! I hate to say this, but I avoid the weight room at our campus gym because it's always filled with boys that look at you like a crazy person for going in there and none of my friends will go with me...

What are your biggest health secrets? Promise I won't tell...

I really need to jump start this whole weight loss thing! I am feeling less than confident and my clothes are not fitting the same as they used to and it is really getting me down. I know that I need to do something and stop feeling sorry for myself, so I'm going to the gym this afternoon to work out for a couple of hours.


Kelly Ruggeri said...

I have been feeling the exact same way! As far as workout clothes my go-to's are Target (anything C9) and Old Navy and if I feel like splurging I go for Lululemon.

I'm a terrible eater so I won't even go there..

A workout I did last year to get ready for my wedding was the Insanity workout by Beach Body- and it really worked and I actually enjoyed doing them. I was able to do it all from home and they're relatively short in time.

Oh and buy yourself a BKR Water bottle. They come in super cute colors so they make a great accessory too! I think drinking a lot of water throughout the day really helps you lose weight, have more energy and eat less junk.

Best of luck!!!

Jordon said...

Run to your nearest Old Navy and get your workout gear there. Its so flattering and reasonable!!!

Nini Kat said...

I just try to cut back on one bad habit at a time, or set up a few rules. For example, no fried foods and sweets are only allowed on weekends. Its a great way to go crazy but it works for me. Also, meal plan! I also recently started the 30 day shred by Jillian Michaels. I'm not sure how effective it is, but I like knowing I'm excercising other areas as opposed to just going running. If that makes sense.

Also, I dress like a total scrub when I work out. I just wear athletic shorts and one of my many college tshirts lol

mQs said...

I love Target's workout clothes. I'm also a huge Nike fan but I usually go to the outlet. A good pair of running shoes is crucial. If I don't have a huge amount of time I usually go on the stationary bike for about thirty minutes and bike ten miles. It's a great workout that makes you sweat, burns calories, and is mindless.

Dee said...

I love Target's workout clothes! Not sure if there's a Marshall's or TJ Maxx near you but they have great workout gear and they're very cute as well. I love bicycle crunches and squats (those are my go to)and since the weather is getting warmer, it's perfect for a nice run and on my Pinterest I found a pin for 100 Running Songs here's the site--> Hope this helps! :)

lauren said...

Old Navy and Gap's sale section have a nice inexpensive selection. Discount shops like Ross, TJ Maxx or if you have a Nordies Rack near you, they have great pieces.

I am a hard core advocate for plant based cuisine, I have a bunch of healthy and SUPER easy recipes on my site. I love kale and quinoa. Super foods rock!!

i love barre exercises, specifically The Bar Method, they have great priced dvd's and results are fast. It's a different type of workout, but pretty amazing. I've tried everything and it's pretty rad. I will have a blog post about with Wednesday actually.

Secret to super health... eat plants!!! lol. Lots and lots and lots of plants.

Chic & Skinny

betweenfriendsfashion said...

For workout clothes I like to hit up TJ Maxx and such. My favorite brand is Adidas. Their clothing is always comforatable.

Favorite snack for when Im craving something sweet is Fiber One bar w/ protein. So good and only 140 cals!

Fav. activity is swimming.