Saturday, December 7, 2013

December Inspiration

Happy Weekend!

source (daria daria)

I came across this image from Pinterest last night and fell in love. I've just been feeling really meh lately (a combination of working too much and then being exhausted as well as physically feeling... off) and this image really gets me inspired. I've been struggling with "festive" outfits for work and for some reason her red lip really makes me want to dress "holiday"! I'm also in desperate need of a hair cut (just a trim - my hair needs movement and I was super happy with it when it was an inch shorter!) and her hair looks so fabulous I just need to schedule an appointment ASAP. 

On a related note, for a gal who was loving long long hair, I am unbelieveably happy with my hair short. Even when I wear it the same way several days in a row, it always manages to look fresh. Sometimes I miss long hair, but I feel like I am more willing to try new things (different parts, new curling techniques, etc) with my hair short. 

Also: I am really contemplating going ombre! It wouldn't be now but I think I'll ask my hairstylist about it when I am getting my hair cut and do some more thinking. With short hair, if I end up hating it it will be a lot easier to change than if my hair was down to the middle of my back. How did I have such long hair for so long? I can't fathom how I did it. 

What is inspiring you this weekend? 

xx, Amy

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