Friday, November 8, 2013

Friday Favorite

Hi everyone!

Happy Friday! Just wanted to share with you guys a music video for a song I've really been loving - "Stay the Night" by Zedd featuring Hayley Williams. I have loved Hayley Williams for yeeeeears! I think she has the most amazing voice so it's a given that I would love this song too.

On top of loving the song itself, I am loving the music video. I love the effects and in particular the dancing! The dancers and the choreography convey so much emotion and make everything they do look so flawless and easy (which, as a dancer, I know is not!). Check it out below!

I could only imagine the kinds of bruises I would have if I even attempted to do some of those dance moves. I'll leave it to the professionals. Ouch.

Have a great rest of your day and an awesome weekend! I'm going to spend mine working.... and getting some content ready for the next few weeks!

xx, Amy

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mQs said...

Love this video!