Monday, April 14, 2014

Twenty Three

Today is my birthday.

via Joy The Baker

I'll be honest - I don't like my birthday. I really don't like being the center of attention for something I didn't really do (let's be real, we should be celebrating my mother). Designing great t-shirts for my sorority, yes I can be the center of attention for that. Doing a killer job in a roll out, yes I can be the center of attention (well, not really because roll out takes a village) for that too. Just existing? Not my thing.

This year is kind of stinky especially because I'm living at home (no friends around), the weather is disgusting (um, it's snowing in April. What?), and because I have had a rough couple of weeks. I am not in the mood to celebrate at all and it's not like anything special is happening today. I was thinking about what I would want my ideal birthday to be and honestly, I would love a whole spa day. Massage, mani/pedi, a haircut/blowout, a face mask.... they all sound pretty ideal. Today, on the other hand, has just felt like another day with a ton of things I just have to do. Plus I work tomorrow and everyone will have all of these high expectations of what I did on my birthday and I didn't even get to get the pedicure I planned on getting. Bleh.

I wish I could have a cute, blog "worthy", Glitter Guide-style birthday, but it just isn't for me I guess. I wouldn't be opposed to trying it one year though......

xx, Amy

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Hill said...

Happy Birthday!